We are the 61 – or 62%. Maine’s post-Pingree Senate race

What a week and a day in Maine politics.

Senator Snowe announced she would not run for re-election and a period of chaos ensured, with all sorts of possibilities, including both House members possibly entering the race for the Democratic Senate nomination.

With both Rep. Michaud and Pingree out and Angus King in, it’s worth pausing for a moment to contemplate one, or rather two, numbers.

61% of Maine people voted for a gubernatorial candidate other than Paul LePage.

62% of Maine people indicated in yesterday’s Senate poll from Public Policy Polling that they approve of Angus King.

Now, these are not exactly the same people. Some Democrats are in the first category and not in the second. And some Republicans are in the second but not the first. And, of course, some independents may not fit into both groups.

[Update: And here is another number. 60% approve of Senator Susan Collins.]

Although somewhat different individuals compose the 60-62%, what this shows is that there is a political core to Maine.

Charlie Webster said the other day that the GOP planned on winning the Senate seat by having the vote divided between an Independent and a Democrat. With the strongest Democrat now out of the race, he needs to look for another strategy.

Amy Fried

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