Short hits: Special Obamacare at the Supreme Court edition

Some recommended links and resources on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) for its big week at the Supreme Court

– Suggestions are most welcome. Please check back for additions –

Obamacare and the Courts

ACA Litigation Blog: An incredibly extensive compilation of briefs and legal decisions

American Bar Association Preview of ACA at the Supreme Court: Extensive discussions of the issues, along with experts’ predictions of the Justices’ votes

Summary of legal arguments from National Public Radio: A clear overview of the issues before the Supreme Court

SCOTUSblog’s health care page: Analysis and information from probably the top blog on the Supreme Court

Wheat, pot, and broccoli: Legal precedents and the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act

Politics and Policy

Health care reporting from Sarah Kliff – Excellent reporting from the Washington Post’s health care reporter

Kaiser Family Foundation – Fabulous source of policy and legal analysis, along with extensive polling on Americans’ views

PolitiFact key falsehoods about the Affordable Care Act

And, as a point of personal privilege, two posts from Pollways, on misinformation about what Speaker Pelosi said about passing the ACA and on what the new budget estimates by the Congressional Budget Office actually said


General Resources on ACA:
• New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Health Policy and Reform Website

• Commonwealth Fund Health Reform Resource Center

• U.S. DHHS Health Care Reform Website

Specific Resources on Supreme Court Decision:

NEJM article “Supreme Court Review of the Health Care Reform Law”,

John McDonough’s “The Supreme Court and the ACA” (11/14/11)

Kaiser Guide to the Supreme Court’s Review of the 2010 Health Care Reform Law. January, 2012.

Commonwealth Fund “Individual Mandate and Consumer Protections Must Stay Together, DOJ Tells Justices”. 12/28/2012.

NEJM article “The Value of Federalism in Defining Essential Health Benefits”, 2/23/2012.

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