Paul v Romney: Keep an eye on the Maine GOP convention

The Maine GOP caucus mess has its second act and the Ron Paul crowd may be winning.

After three ballots for the position of convention secretary, the Paul- supported candidate, Ron Morrell, has won, 1119-1089. This was an issue going in because the Republican party chair, Charlie Webster, who is not trusted by the Paulites, had named someone, even though rules require that this position is picked by convention attendees. (This paragraph has been edited to reflect corrections.)

OOPS – The vote is now (12:30) unclear, as Cumberland county delegate preferences are being recounted.

Another update: Ron Paul supporters have elected the convention secretary and chair.

How will this affect the allocation of delegates to the national convention and the voiced support for different candidates for the Snowe seat?

I’m not there, but have been following through the Twitter hashtag #mepolitics and to a lesser extent, #megop.

Also, there’s a livestream:

In these first tests of the strength of the Paul v Romney flanks, it’s Ron Paul 2 – Mitt Romney-Republican Establishment 0.

On what happened on day one and a look forward to day two and beyond, see Paul v. Romney, day 2.

Amy Fried

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