13 Maine House Republicans changed their votes on the research and development bond

As seen in the Roll-calls for LD 225, the Research and Development bond originally passed with over 2/3, enough to withstand a veto. But then some who voted for it voted against it.

The override failed and the veto stood.  Thus the proposed bond will not appear on the November 2012 ballot.

Have any of these Representatives said why they voted for the R & D bond on May 16, 2012 and then voted against overriding Governor LePage’s veto on May 31?

  1. David Burns of Whiting (District 32)
  2. Kathleen Chase of Wells (District 147)
  3. Jarrod Crockett of Bethel (District 91)
  4. Andre Cushing of Hampden (District 39)
  5. Lance Harvell of Farmington (District 89)
  6. Peter Johnson of Greenville (District 27)
  7. Jane Knapp of Gorham (District 129)
  8. Melvin Newendyke of Litchfield (District 80)
  9. Robert Nutting of Oakland (District 78)
  10. Wayne Parry of Arundel (District 140)
  11. Ralph Sarty of Denmark (District 99)
  12. Dianne Tilton of Harrington (District 33)
  13. Tom Winsor of Norway (District 98)
Amy Fried

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