U.S. Chamber’s Anti-Angus King Ad Illogical and Disjointed

While Maine’s Chamber of Commerce is neutral in the 2012 U.S. Senate race, the national Chamber has endorsed Republican Charlie Summers and is running an ad against front-runner Angus King.

As the Washington Post notes, “This is one of 11 Senate races in which the Chamber has now launched TV ad campaigns through its political arm, which can run its operations without disclosing the donors financing them.”

One fact-checker examined specific claims made within the ad about spending and budgets and pronounced these “true.” At the same, this analysis noted the unforeseeable fiscal impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks which led to a fiscal gap.

However, there are some problematic aspects of the ad which don’t have to do with the particular facts cited.

Watch it and note how it begins and ends and then scroll below the ad.

Notice how it begins? It says, “Angus King. Independent? His record tells a different tale.”

Yet the ad says and show nothing at all concerning King’s independence or lack thereof. It says and shows nothing about his ties to any party or interest group, or how he worked with legislators and party leaders during his two terms as governor.

And notice how it ends? After giving budget facts, the final words are, “Defeat Angus King. Maine Needs Jobs.”

Yet the ad said nothing about jobs during King’s term. Nor does it make an argument about how the earlier information and assertions relate to jobs.

It is just a very weird ad — combining a clownish soundtrack and imagery with a few true statements, while wrapped in broader claims about independence and jobs that have no logical predicate and no evidence to support them.  Overall, it is disjointed and not just illogical, but nonlogical.

Amy Fried

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