Maine becomes rallying cry for national Ron Paul movement

As David Farmer and Mike Tipping have pointed out, the refusal to seat the full set of Ron Paul delegates may very well have an impact on Maine politics this year. This, of course, followed the caucus mess, which received state and national publicity.

But what happened to these Mainers has also become a rallying call for Ron Paul supporters all over the nation.

Remember Maine 2012 sticker worn by Ron Paul delegates

Here’s the sticker being worn by Paul supporters inside the Republican National Convention (as posted by reporter Steven Dennis).

Another reporter notes:

A horde of Paul supporters walked circles around the convention floor, growing with each pass and chanting, “As goes Maine, so goes the nation.”

These attendees are rather upset. Asked whether they will vote for Romney in November, a Colorado and a Texas delegate weren’t sure. Said one, “At this point, I’m not sure what I’m going to do,” and the other simply stated, “Who knows?”

Reports indicate some heavy-handed tactics from the Romney forces. Linda Bean of Maine complained of efforts to keep delegates quiet.

Many are also upset about Romney forces pushing through a set of new rules for delegate selection that would centralize power in the hands of the presumptive nominee, making an insurgent challenge more difficult in the future. Ron Paul supporters dislike the rules and believe their adoption — by voice vote, which they think was deliberately “misheard” — was illegitimate.

The march and the stickers are just the surface of this upset among Ron Paul supporters.

And they are bound and determined to “Remember Maine 2012.”

Amy Fried

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