In veto legal brief for LePage, Sovereign Citizens talk treason


Gov. Paul LePage

Members of a Maine Sovereign Citizens group are once again talking treason.

Gov. LePage’s many meetings with a Sovereign Citizens group, the Constitutional Coalition, were brought to light by Mike Tipping in June 2014.

Tipping, who obtained documents from the governor’s office, reported that:

The remonstrances the group submitted to LePage and the legislature accused Maine’s government of being unlawful, of having illegally accepted and used unconstitutional currency (anything other than gold and silver), and of coordinating with UNESCO, UNICEF, NATO, and the UN to deprive Americans of their property rights.

An e-mail sent to the governor’s office by Constitutional Coalition spokesperson Phil Merletti, along with the remonstrance document, declared that legislators who had violated their oaths in this way were committing treason and domestic terrorism. [source]

Just last week members of this group held that the Legislature has committed treason.

This claim is found in a legal brief submitted to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court about whether LePage had more time to veto dozens of bills that have now been chaptered into law.

The authors of the brief, which can be found at this link, are Lise McLain, Dorothy Lafortune, Jack McCarthy, Robert Roy, and Phillip Merletti.

These individuals claim that the Legislature should not have been able to vote on June 18, 2015 and doing so was treason, a crime and fraud, and thus the whole Legislature should be impeached.

This is outright fraud and treason against the people of Maine by members of both houses who were present and voting on June 18th. (p. 9, brief).
No legislator questioned the unlawfulness of extending the 5 legislative days on June 18th, and that is a crime and they are subject to impeachment. . . In other words, these constitutional officers have committed fraud and treason against the people of Maine by their actions and are subject to impeachment. (p. 10, brief)


This brief also claims Attorney General Janet Mills, perhaps in trying to make LePage appear a “fool,” made “direct violations” of the U.S. and Maine Constitutions.

A portion of the submission written by Phil Merletti asks whether Mills (called “Jennet Mills” one place and “Janet Mills” elsewhere) is incompetent or instead is purposely trying to make Gov. LePage look like “a clumsy, bungling, unknowledgeable fool.” (p.17, brief)

Screenshot 2015-07-26 14.21.37Merletti is quite sure that, despite any legal training, LePage’s views on these matters are more to be trusted than those of Attorney General Mills. He writes:

Screenshot 2015-07-26 14.27.08

So there you have it.

According to these Sovereign Citizens, Attorney General Janet Mills and the members of the Maine Legislature are treasonous individuals, carrying out unconstitutional actions and out to trick the Maine people with their anti-Constitution arguments.

If you’re interested, you can read all eight briefs on the vetoes and adjournment at this site.

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