Uproar in Philly does not reflect most Sanders backers

There’s uproar in the streets of Philadelphia, as pro-Sanders protestors carry signs, a giant paper mache marijuana joint and shout (sometimes vulgar) slogans.

And today, when Sen. Bernie Sanders held a meeting with delegates, some booed when he said they should support Hillary Clinton.

But how representative are these individuals of people who voted and caucused for Sanders?

Although polls vary, public opinion surveys are consistently showing consolidation of Sanders supporters for Hillary Clinton.

As seen in an analysis just put out by the Pew Research Center, one of the best pollsters in the U.S., 90% of consistent Sanders supporters back Clinton.


Loud voices don’t necessarily represent groups as a whole.

And who are these voters?

They’re not just Democrats but also independents who supported Clinton.

Moreover, they have particular demographic characteristics.


So, although it’s possible that these voters will end up not supporting Clinton in the general election, this poll and others suggest that only a small percentage of Sanders backers haven’t and thus won’t in November.



Amy Fried

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